TOMAS TECH for "Cost reduction" and "Business efficiency" through digitalization

Tablet form system


Paper forms and EXCEL forms that you are used to everyday can be used as electronic forms as they are laid out. The forms entered on-site are quickly digitized, eliminating the need to enter data after returning to the office. You can also reduce form management, printing costs, and overtime. On-site reporting and recording work is completed, and work efficiency and speed are greatly improved by reducing post-processing work. As soon as the form is uploaded to the server from the site, it is converted into data and information is shared in real time between the site and the office. You can also search and refer to past data.

Effect / Point

1: Improving planning efficiency
Speed ​​up planning and reduce opportunity loss with quick and accurate on-time replies.
2: Visualization
Since it is possible to grasp the future equipment load situation, it is possible to respond early, such as shift changes and outsourcing.
3: Inventory reduction
By improving the accuracy of production planning, you will be able to make the best use of resources.
4: Sharing process information
By sharing process information company-wide, you can flexibly respond to problems that occur.