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Smart card system


It is a card with ID using electronic paper. Display contents including barcodes can be rewritten by non-contact near field communication (NFC). It can also be rewritten on a smartphone.“Visible RFID” using electronic paper to reduce the environmental load caused by the consumption and disposal of paper labels, and to significantly reduce power consumption. The display is retained without consuming any power except when rewriting. The barcode you want to display can be read on most handy terminals, so it can be installed immediately on existing systems.

Use case

Paperless real-time work history management is possible by digitizing manufacturing instructionsThe paper production instruction has been changed to a Smart Card. Workers can handle it with peace of mind because it is displayed and does not disappear even when it is not energized. Real-time work history management is now possible because the Smart Card ID is read when the work is completed.


PaperlessInstant data conversionTraceabilityEradicate handwriting mistakes

Effect / Point

Eliminates paper manufacturing instructions and reduces waste.
It is easy for the operator to understand because only the information required for each process is displayed. Since all the information has been converted into data, there are no mistakes due to handwriting, improving work efficiency and reducing costs.