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AGV is an abbreviation for Automatic Guided Vehicle, which means “automated guided vehicle” or “automated guided robot”. AMR is an abbreviation for Autonomous Mobile Robot, which is translated as “autonomous mobile robot”. When introducing the AGV to the site, guidelines such as magnetic tape for the AGV to run are required. AMR is a robot that can run without the guide required when introducing AGV, makes its own judgment, and automatically avoids people and obstacles to move.

By utilizing AGV / AMR for the picking cart after picking is completed, it is possible to realize the automation of transportation.
In the picking area, workers load items into the picking cart.
Connect the picking cart to the AGV / AMR. By starting the AGV / AMR, it can be transported to the assembly process or packing process of the next process. By automating the transportation, it is possible to save labor in the transportation process.

Effect / Point

1: Reducing the burden on workers
A worker is assigned to the packing stand, and the AGV / AMR goes to pick up the product and carries the product to the packing stand. As a result, the burden on the worker is greatly reduced.
2: Reduction of mistakes such as product mistakes
If picking by AGV / AMR can be realized, it will move based on the preset location based on the receipt / shipment data, so there will be no mistake such as “I took the product next to the product I have to take”, and the corresponding product is surely applicable. Can be carried.
3: Cost reduction
By being able to automate the transportation, it is possible to reduce the labor cost for the transportation.