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Picking cart system


This is a method in which an operator performs picking work while pushing a dolly on which a box for storing picked items is placed.
It is equipped with a battery and is used by installing devices such as tablets and handy terminals.
This enables workers to efficiently pick and collect products.
Measures such as bar code inspection to reduce erroneous shipments and prevention of mistakes in the frontage of the input destination are taken. Collecting work using a dolly and freeing both hands will reduce product damage due to dropping.
In addition, the actual work time and productivity taken for the initial target time are displayed.
As a result, evaluation data is accumulated on the server for each individual, which can lead to work improvement.
With variable partition and system support, it can be flexibly changed from 6 frontage to 12 frontage according to the number of orders.
Equipped with a personal computer (tablet) and a barcode scanner. Follow the instructions on the computer screen to perform picking work. Digital display
We will put products in the frontage according to the number of instructions. In order to use this product, it is essential for the warehouse management system (WMS) to work with it.


It is possible to improve the efficiency and accuracy of picking work and operate at low cost.
By mastering the floor layout and shelf frontage, it is possible to respond immediately to changes in the warehouse layout, etc.
The system navigates from moving shelves to launching products into packets

Effect / Point

Even beginners can easily pick without mistakes just by following the instructions on the computer screen installed in the cart. Greatly improves the efficiency of picking work.