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RFID is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification, and is one of the automatic recognition technologies expected as a tool for the realization of a ubiquitous society and advanced information services. In addition to data carriers such as barcodes, 2D codes, and magnetic cards, automatic recognition technologies such as RFID, voice recognition, and biometrics are being increasingly introduced as tools for business improvement and security measures. The development of RFID technology and product development is remarkable, and it is used in various fields such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, services, and transportation, as well as individual identification and tracers.
It is playing an important role in business applications such as mobility and environmental friendliness.

Effect / Point

1: Can read and write without contact
Unlike barcodes, it is not necessary to hit the scanner accurately, and it is easy to handle products in high places. IC cards have fewer equipment failures than magnetic cards.
2: Can be recognized even if hidden
You can read and write even if you cannot see the object, and you can read the packaged product from the outside without opening the box. It is also possible to read when the surface becomes dirty during outdoor operation.
3: Can read all at once
Multiple IC tags can be recognized by reading once, and there is no need to scan each one like a barcode.
4: Data can be rewritten
Information can be added or changed according to the usage scene. There is no need to replace the IC tag even when reusing a returnable box.
5: Excellent security
IC chips are difficult to duplicate, so they are suitable for secure operation. Forgery prevention effect is also enhanced with personal authentication cards