TOMAS TECH for "Cost reduction" and "Business efficiency" through digitalization

Monitoring / Traceability System


By collecting site information as data, it is possible to collect traceability data such as equipment operation information, abnormal ALARM, and measured values. In addition to operation management, by installing various measuring instruments, it is possible to manage various information such as equipment frequency, temperature and humidity control, cutting oil and water management, and power consumption management.

Effect / Point

Visualization data needs to be visible at a glance. Even if you get a lot of data, it will be wasted if you are not conscious of looking at it.
We propose a tool to instantly show the necessary data for each customer. In addition to being able to quickly grasp the situation, you can flexibly switch screens according to the flow of explanation when holding a meeting, making it easier to explain problems and factors. User will be able to intuitively visualize various events occurring on the production line while reducing the man-hours that were manually entered in Excel.