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Automatic shelf


Kardex Remstar’s automatic storage has a large floor space such as “vertical lift type automatic storage (Kardex Shuttle)”, “vertical rotary automatic storage (Megamat)” and “horizontal rotary automatic storage (Horizontal Carousels)”. User can choose the most suitable format according to the height and height.
Workers can search for the required inventory on the monitor and receive it at the take-out port, which greatly improves productivity compared to the conventional flow of moving to the storage location. The height of the outlet is also ergonomically designed to reduce the burden on the operator. In addition, inventory status can be managed automatically to prevent manual errors, which can be expected to improve picking accuracy.

Effect / Point

■ Vertical lift type automatic storage (Kardex Shuttle)
This is an automatic storage system in which storage shelves (tray) for goods are stored vertically in front of and behind the unit, and a drawer device is located in the center. The tray with the stored items is moved to the take-out port by button operation or barcode scanning.
You can flexibly customize it according to the space, such as the number of outlets, the height of the tray, and the installation of outlets on multiple floors. The outlet is equipped with a safety door, which gives maximum consideration to ease of use and safety, such as safety of workers and protection of stored items, soundproofing of mechanical noise, and prevention of wind pressure when the tray moves up and down. In addition, because it uses a modular structure, it is possible to change the height and the number of outlets even after installation.
■ Vertical rotary automatic storage (Megamat)
The rotating conveyor moves vertically, carrying the appropriate carrier to the outlet through the shortest path, making it a suitable system for storing frequently accessed items. Like the Kardex Shuttle, the outlets can be installed on multiple floors.
Megamat has three types of carrier loads (RS180, RS350, RS650): 180kg, 350kg and 650kg.
■ Horizontal rotary automatic storage (Horizontal Carousels)
The rotary conveyor moves horizontally for quick storage and collection of goods. Horizontal Carousels are