TOMAS TECH for "Cost reduction" and "Business efficiency" through digitalization

Stock management system / WMS


PEGASUS follows the business flow of arrival (inspection), storage (location management / inventory), and shipment (picking / inspection / packing).
It has support functions for accurate and fast work. By linking with barcodes, handy terminals, and various logistics equipment, we can significantly improve productivity.

Effect / Point

1: Reducing the burden on workers
A worker is assigned to the packing stand, and the AGV / AMR goes to pick up the product and carries the product to the packing stand. As a result, the burden on the worker is greatly reduced.
2: Reduction of mistakes such as product mistakes
If picking by AGV / AMR can be realized, it will move based on the preset location based on the receipt / shipment data, so there will be no mistake such as “I took the product next to the product I have to take”, and the corresponding product is surely applicable. Can be carried.
3: Cost reduction
By being able to automate the transportation, it is possible to reduce the labor cost for the transportation.