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Stock & manufacturing process management system introduction example / Small step introduction to meet the needs of the site in detail


We will introduce a case study of a customer who introduced a system that can perform “Stock management x manufacturing process management” in an integrated manner by utilizing the stock management system “PEGASUS” handled by Tomas Tech, a Japanese SI vendor in Thailand. This time, we interviewed Kaneka (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Kaneka Thailand), which manufactures and sells foamed resin products for Southeast Asia including Thailand.

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Functional expansion from stock management to manufacturing process management
To manage accurate information in a timely manner

Kaneka Thailand manufactures and sells foamed resin products “Polypropylene beads” that are used as automobile parts, shock absorbers, and cushioning packaging materials for electronic devices. The factory has been in operation since 2019, but the information necessary for materials, manufacturing, quality control, etc. was managed mainly based on Excel. As a result, the following problems have arisen.

<Issues before introducing the system>
・Human error due to manual operation
In the process of transcribing daily production reports on paper to Excel and reflecting them in the system, information input errors and paper data loss occurred.

・Inability to grasp accurate inventory information in a timely manner
There was a time lag of 2-3 days after manufacturing until the information was reflected in the system.

Building a system that can realize
“Stock management × manufacturing process management” in one stop

■ Manufacturing process control
Based on the order information from the customer, we will instruct the information (type and quantity) necessary for picking the necessary materials and create a schedule. Accurate picking is achieved by utilizing handy terminals based on the schedule. Information can be managed for each form of materials, work-in-progress, and finished products.

■ Label issuing system
A function that allows the system to easily issue labels for managing materials, work-in-progress, and finished products. Products with issued labels are managed by handy terminals.

■ Quality inspection result database
Each inspection value acquired in the quality inspection process is put into a database and linked to the system. Realize faster, more accurate and efficient data utilization.

在庫管理システム タイ トーマステック ペガサス

▲Picking orders using the system


在庫管理システム タイ トーマステック ペガサス

▲Picking materials according to order information using handheld terminals


在庫管理システム タイ トーマステック ペガサス

▲Label printing system screen image

Introduction of a system tailored to the site in small steps

 We asked Kaneka why they chose Tomas Tech for this system introduction.



One of the decisive factors was that we could develop and customize the system in small steps according to our wishes. The system was installed step by step in two stages, so the on-site operation went smoothly. Detailed post-implementation support also helps. (Mr. Yokoyama, Kaneka Thailand)







By being able to grasp inventory information in a timely manner, production efficiency has improved dramatically. In addition to being able to manage everything from the receipt of material inventory to manufacturing to the shipment of finished products in one system, quality inspection information is stored in a database and linked with the system, which leads to improved operational efficiency in various aspects. In the future, we would like to improve the accuracy of management and strive to eliminate wasteful inventory and expedite the processing of defective products (Mr. Hamamatsu, Kaneka Thailand).)

Completion of technical development in a wide range of fields in-house. One-stop service from proposal to detailed support after installation

Tomas Tech’s strengths as a system integrator are as follows.

In-house coverage of technology development in a wide range of areas (Programs, control devices, equipment, etc.)
 ⇒We have specialist staff in each area, so we can make proposals from a wide range of angles.

Consistent ventilation support from hearing to after-sales support
⇒All processes from proposal to system development to introduction to after-sales support are carried out consistently.

Attention to detail

⇒We provide detailed support for minor modifications and additional customization after system introduction. We spare no effort in providing after-sales support so that we can embody the needs of our customers as much as possible.

Tomas Tech has earned the trust of customers for its detailed support and attention to detail after introduction. There are many users who have a gap in the image before and after the system is introduced, which tends to be an issue. Attentive and flexible after-sales support is the core of the company’s service policy.

【Coverage cooperation】
Kaneka (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Founded in 2015. Manufacture foam resin products in Thailand and sell them to Southeast Asia.
In recent years, Kaneka has expanded them wide range of products such as dyed fibers for wigs and food products to Thailand and ASEAN countries.

▲Kaneka Thailand staff and Tomas Tech staff
(Mr. Yokoyama: 5th from the left, Mr. Hamamatsu: 4th from the left)
Masaru Yokoyama
Managing Director
1992 Joined Kaneka Corporation
1999 Moved to Malaysia as a Technical Advisor of Kaneka Eperan Sdn.Bhd.
2004 Moved to Belgium as Kaneka Belgium’s Assistant Factory Manager and Research Manager
2009 Returned to the technology management department of foam products
2017 Moved to Thailand along with the establishment of Kaneka (Thailand) Co., Ltd., take office as MD in 2021

Shoichi Hamamatsu
Administration General Manager
SCM General Manager
2015 Joined Kaneka Corporation
2017 Moved to Kaneka Eperan (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. as manager of the management department in China
2020 Returned to the planning and management team of the foam product generalization group
2021 Moved to Thailand as Administration/SCM Manager of Kaneka (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2022 Take office as General Manager of Kaneka (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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