Smartwatches are a solution that can be used in the manufacturing industry

25-Sep-2022  25-Sep-2022


By using a smartwatch,
・Reduction of downtime and improvement of operation rate can be realized
・Work instructions and human movement can be optimized
・It is possible to visualize the time required for work

Isn’t there a growing trend toward digitization and DX at manufacturing sites?
Recently, solutions using wearable devices, such as smart watches, are increasing.
However, even if many companies feel the need, they are unable to take steps toward digitalization and DX due to concerns such as “I don’t know what to do” and “I don’t know what suits my company’s site.” Isn’t there a lot of companies?
Especially when it comes to overseas bases in Southeast Asia, we understand that it is even more difficult because there are few IT-savvy personnel and little knowledge within the company.
In this article, we are sending it to Japanese people who are active in overseas bases such as Thailand. We will introduce a solution proposal using Smart Watch in the field.

    What are wearable devices and smart watches?

A wearable device is a computer device that you wear on your wrist, arm, head, etc.

It can be classified into watch-type smartwatches worn on the wrist, glasses-type, and wristband-type.

The background to wearable devices is the miniaturization of the parts that make up the device, such as memory and hard disks.

Smartwatches, which represent wearable devices, are characterized by the fact that they are equipped with a display screen of a certain size, enabling various operations and information to be displayed.

Therefore, the ability to obtain or send information without using both hands is the strength of smartwatches.

    What it can do with our smartwatch

By wearing a smartwatch on your body, it can easily obtain information without taking out your smartphone or other device. The type equipped with a touch display on the dial part of the watch can notify and reply to calls, emails, SNS, etc., and can use various apps by linking with a smartphone.
The main usage methods are as follows.

    How to use at the manufacturing site

A smart watch is characterized by being able to obtain or transmit information by wearing it on the body.
By taking advantage of this feature, it can be used mainly for “calling” at manufacturing sites.
In addition, it is possible to record and analyze the time for each work, so it can be used for “work analysis”.
By taking advantage of these two features, the following problems at manufacturing sites can be resolved.

    On-site issues and solutions

    Proposed solution

For smartwatch solutions, we would like to introduce the smartwatch solutions of our company, TOMAS TECH CO., LTD.
By linking the server application and the smart watch device, it can be used as a “call system” for workers etc. from the site. In addition, drivers such as forklifts can wear smart watches to give instructions for transportation work. Since the call operation uses a touch display, it is possible to flexibly respond to changes in the call destination. Various devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches can be used as calling terminals.

    Solution① Worker call

Workers can be called by smartwatch.
It can get the error signal and error details from the equipment, and send a call signal to the required team or group according to the error details.
Depending on the error, the setting of the group to be called and the change of group members can be freely set.

    Solution② Forklift call

It can call a forklift with your smartwatch.
Issue a call instruction from a device such as a tablet. The smartwatch will notify the forklift driver after receiving the call signal. Depending on the content of the call, you can send a call signal to the required team or group.
It is possible to freely set the transport destination of the transported goods, the setting of the group to be called, and the change of the group members.

    Solution③ Work record/Analysis

It can record and analyze work by realizing the call of workers and forklifts with smart watches.
Items that can be recorded are call time, call response time, work start time, work end time, person in charge, work content, requester, and request content.
By recording this information when using a smart watch, the user can manage the time it takes to work and understand the work content.

    Summary: Utilization of smart watches at manufacturing sites

There are many ways to use smartwatches at manufacturing sites.
It can be used in processes related to “people” in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Unlike smartphones and tablets, smartwatches allow you to work with both hands free. This allows workers to receive calls and send information while performing their normal duties.

By using a smart watch, it is possible to visualize the on-site situation, which has been an analog black box until now.
In addition, by converting to data, it is possible to collect data that can be used for improvement, such as improving work speed and taking preventive measures.

Smartwatch can be used from 1 unit.

It is the best solution as the first step to DX at the manufacturing site because it can be expanded while realizing the effect with a minimum investment.

Pegasus smartwatch solution

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